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  • Jet Fuel

    We are engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide with a focus on trading projects including Jet Fuel

  • Leading Global Trader

    American Resource Company (ARC) is emerged in response to the global energy challenges and environmental concerns of our future.

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

    Through resources and experience in the petroleum industry ARC is heavily involved in exploring and producing oil in the United States.

  • Network of Oil and Gas Companies

    Our network of oil and gas companies makes us an international all-around coordinator for trading and investment projects in the trading industry"

  • Renewable Energy

    Our research and development team utilizes innovative technology to create solutions that will produce clean and renewable energy alternatives.

Our Values

our-valuesAmerican Resources core values are at the heart of all our day to day personal lives as well as in how we conduct business. The foundation of the company rest on our people of who represent honesty, integrity, professionalism, and respect. We believe that our ability to succeed depends on the quality and resilience of our relationships. Our main goal as an organization is to focus on doing good business with good people and success will follow.

People are the most important resource to American Resource Company. At the end of the day weather we did business or not, it is the relationship we intend to establish with our clients that is most important. Words like faith, trust, integrity, honesty, character, transparency are not just well intended words but foundational blocks to American Resource’s structure.

In the words of company CEO Dennis Pierce, “never burn a bridge. You will not win every battle and may need to retreat to win the war.” Together with our clients, American Resource Company seeks to establish long lasting relationships, in working environments, to successfully move us and our clients forward toward our goals.