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  • Renewable Energy

    Our research and development team utilizes innovative technology to create solutions that will produce clean and renewable energy alternatives.

Downstream Operations - Renewable Energy

renewable-energy-istockFew inputs impact the world economy like the price of oil. Oil powers cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and even power plants that make up the backbone of the global economy. As oil prices rise, costs go up for transportation companies, squeezing their profit margins and forcing them to raise prices, similarly affecting all the other companies that rely on them to transport products and people. By contrast, most energy companies benefit from higher oil prices, either from higher revenues for oil, or because of increased demand for substitute energy sources such as ethanol and natural gas. The extreme volatility of this important economic input has a negative impact on the world's rising energy appetite which is now leading to greater investment & focus in renewable energy.

Non-renewable sources of energy, such as oil and coal, are becoming increasingly rare, harmful to our environment and expensive to use. Natural sources of energy - such as solar, geothermal, wind and hydropower - are both renewable and environmentally friendly. However, the technology to develop them into practical and efficient energy source solutions can be time-consuming and expensive. Nevertheless, we believe as these energy systems become more streamlined and commonplace, the initial investments in development, technology and installation will pay for itself in the future.

American Resource’s goal is to deliver the nation's cleanest energy to customers and we’re planning for the future by exploring new sources of renewable technologies. In order to achieve this mile stone our organization is actively involved in investing in state-of-the-art, cleaner sources of fossil fuel-based power to meet growing demand. Although energy efficiency and renewable energy are playing larger roles in our plans it’s also very important to investment in new conventional generation facilities necessary to meet the current needs of customers today.