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  • Leading Global Trader

    American Resource Company (ARC) is emerged in response to the global energy challenges and environmental concerns of our future.

  • Renewable Energy

    Our research and development team utilizes innovative technology to create solutions that will produce clean and renewable energy alternatives.

  • Jet Fuel

    We are engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide with a focus on trading projects including Jet Fuel

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

    Through resources and experience in the petroleum industry ARC is heavily involved in exploring and producing oil in the United States.

  • Network of Oil and Gas Companies

    Our network of oil and gas companies makes us an international all-around coordinator for trading and investment projects in the trading industry"


American Resource Company are buyers and sellers of Refined Petroleum Products with concentrations in JP54, JA, JA1, Virgin D6 along with Low Sulfur D2. Commodities of gold, soybeans, sugar are also other markets pursued by American Resource Company.

Upstream Operations - Oil & Gas Exploration

oil-rigThere is no cheap oil anymore and companies are operating in tougher, more marginal conditions while searching for new resources. In exploration and production, it is vital not to waste a single molecule of precious hydrocarbons. That puts extreme pressure on operators to improve their productivity, reduce costs and optimize all aspects of their operations, while meeting increasingly stringent standards of environmental and operational safety.

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Midstream Activities - Commodities

jet fuel2American Resources Commodities Division specializes in the following products: Jet Fuel Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54 & Jet Fuel JP1A, D2 Russian Gas Oil, Mazut & Crude Oil. ARC is an international commodity brokerage established to become a global facilitator between End Sellers and End Buyers, eliminating the illegitimacy and fraud of middlemen, ensuring a smooth and effortless closing of the products.

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Downstream Operations - Renewable Energy

renewable-energy-istockFew inputs impact the world economy like the price of oil. Oil powers cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and even power plants that make up the backbone of the global economy. As oil prices rise, costs go up for transportation companies, squeezing their profit margins and forcing them to raise prices, similarly affecting all the other companies that rely on them to transport products and people.

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