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  • Network of Oil and Gas Companies

    Our network of oil and gas companies makes us an international all-around coordinator for trading and investment projects in the trading industry"

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

    Through resources and experience in the petroleum industry ARC is heavily involved in exploring and producing oil in the United States.

  • Leading Global Trader

    American Resource Company (ARC) is emerged in response to the global energy challenges and environmental concerns of our future.

Upstream Operations - Oil & Gas Exploration

oil-rigThere is no cheap oil anymore and companies are operating in tougher, more marginal conditions while searching for new resources. In exploration and production, it is vital not to waste a single molecule of precious hydrocarbons. That puts extreme pressure on operators to improve their productivity, reduce costs and optimize all aspects of their operations, while meeting increasingly stringent standards of environmental and operational safety. Improved efficiency must be built into every aspect of operations, across the full lifecycle, from exploration to development and production, right through to decommissioning. When it comes to oil and gas exploration, there's simply no substitute for experience. American Resource is active throughout North America with the capability of drilling both vertical and horizontal wellbores, capitalizing on new trends and technology in the industry. We partner in 2-D, 3-D and 4-D seismic shoots that generate high grade drilling opportunities. Our energy and expertise allow us to move forward with leading edge technologies that build on our tradition of success. The Company remains nimble and is poised to capitalize on opportunities throughout the oil patch.

ARC invests millions of dollars each year in research and development of new processes and procedures and continues to fully utilize the latest technologies in order to reduce dry risk and increase the likelihood of drilling commercially-productive wells. Whether you're planning to expand your exploration efforts into our core areas of expertise, or are looking for assistance on a critical project, American Resource can quickly and efficiently get the job done. Our Goal is to address energy issues in a manner which protects public health and the environment; streamlines the permitting of exploration, extraction, and transportation of oil and gas resources in the United States.