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    We are engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide with a focus on trading projects including Jet Fuel

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    American Resource Company (ARC) is emerged in response to the global energy challenges and environmental concerns of our future.

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    Our network of oil and gas companies makes us an international all-around coordinator for trading and investment projects in the trading industry"

Midstream Activities - Commodities

jet fuel2American Resources Commodities Division specializes in the following products: Jet Fuel Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54 & Jet Fuel JP1A, D2 Russian Gas Oil, Mazut & Crude Oil. ARC is an international commodity brokerage established to become a global facilitator between End Sellers and End Buyers, eliminating the illegitimacy and fraud of middlemen, ensuring a smooth and effortless closing of the products. ARC has spent several years aligning themselves with real refineries and true performers. Our business model is to function independently or as joint-venture to increase the strength & purchasing power of the company. Our clientele includes but not limited to Majors, Mid Majors, Non Majors, End Users and US & International Commercial Airlines. Our procedures for buyers are simple…CI, Dip and Pay.

Unfortunately the fuel industry is full of fraud and deception where sellers claim to have product however never able to prove it therefore time & money is wasted. Our firm still believes business can be done with honesty & integrity which is why we don’t hide our product but instead offer CI, Dip and Pay. Unfortunately ARC cannot control the fraudulent entities/ individuals in this industry whether it’s a buyer or seller however ARC will always deliver real product and remain known in the industry as a legitimate business & true performer.